WWII Veteran Reunion
Chronicles of CourageFor the first time in 72 years, two WWII veterans reunite for a special reunion at Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum (FHCAM).

The veterans, U.S. Navy Commander Robert (Bob) H. Turnell (nicknamed “The Kid”) and Lt. Ray H. Owen, first met in 1944 in Atlantic City reporting to the Navy Fighter Squadron VF-81. The two went on to fly the F6F Hellcat together during WWII 1944-1945, the same plane featured in the Chronicles of Courage series.

The veterans are reconnected after Lt. Owen’s son saw Commander Turnell in footage from Chronicles of Courage, a series of wartime stories produced by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Productions in partnership with NBC Learn. The series highlights each WWII aircraft that has been meticulously restored by FHCAM to its original flying condition. On October 31, the veterans met at FHCAM and were able to see an original F6F Hellcat first-hand, as a part of the FHCAM collection. Cory Graff, military aviation expert and curator at FHCAM led the veterans and their families on a private tour of the museum.

Watch the heartwarming moment these WWII veterans see one another again!

Even after all of these years, Commander Turnell has fond memories of his friendship with Lt. Owen. He recalls Lt. Owen as one of the brave men in his squadron.

“Ray was a very capable and competent Navy pilot and fine gentleman who served and fought side-by-side with his fellow aviators,” said Commander Turnell.