June Happenings

FHCAM's Corsair Arriving Soon!

The Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum is excited to announce that our Goodyear FG-1D Corsair will be arriving VERY soon!  This plane will take its first public flight on June 24th at our Pacific Theater Day event.  We hope to see you there!
The Corsair was one of the most outstanding fighter-bombers of World War II.
The Corsair first flew in March 1940, and production Corsairs joined the Marine Corps fighter squadrons on Guadalcanal in February 1942.  Carrier use was delayed until 1944.
The inverted gull wing design allowed the mating of a large propeller with the huge radial engine while keeping the overall height of the aircraft within the limitations imposed by carrier use.  The “-1D” was the first true fighter-bomber version of this aircraft being able to carry a bomb or rocket load in support of ground troops.
Although a Chance Vought design, Corsairs were also built under contract by Brewster and Goodyear.  The latter built 4,017 Corsairs with the “FG” designation.
The story of this airplane:
This aircraft was built in Akron, Ohio in April 1945.  It is a combat veteran having been flown by the Marine aviators of VMF-115 in the southern Philippines in July and August 1945.  The Marines were based at Zamboanga and flew close air support and combat air patrols during these months.
The aircraft rode out Typhoon Louise on Okinawa in October 1945 and then rotated through a number of training commands before disposal in 1958.
While under civilian ownership, it was flown at the Flying W, a western themed airpark in New Jersey, exhibited at a museum, and flown off the USS Carl Vinson in August 1995 during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II.  The Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum acquired the Corsair in September 1998.

D-Day Flag

FHCAM will be unveiling three new artifacts at their D-Day Commemorative event this weekend including a flag that hung on a Landing Craft in Normandy, France 73 years ago on D-Day.

LCT-595, along with three other Landing Craft, Tank amphibious assault vessels, were assigned to deliver American Army swimming tanks to locations approximately 5,000 yards off Utah Beach (Tare Green Sector) at 0630 on June 6, 1944. As they approached, Army Air Forces medium bombers hit the shoreline, blasting smoke and debris into the air.

Nearing their appointed location to launch the amphibious tanks, a Landing Craft Control vessel signaled for the LCTs to move in closer to the beach. A craft alongside 595, LCT number 593, exploded after hitting a German mine. A witness later wrote, “I can still see a tank turning end-over-end what seemed to me at least 100 feet in the air.”

As the surviving LCTs moved forward, German machine gun fire intensified and Allied naval ships began to fire thundering salvos in return. The remaining LCTs delivered their tanks about 900 yards from the shoreline under heavy gunfire. On Utah Beach, 27 of the 32 tanks of the 70th Tank Battalion were able to land some 2,000 yards from their planned attack point.

After the attack, LCT-595’s captain told US Navy Boatswain George Edward Rudisill to remove the tattered flag and fly a new full one. Boatswain Rudisill asked to keep the battle-worn remains of the original D-Day flag. He preserved keepsake in a shoebox along with the only known photograph of the LCT-595.

The Higgins Boat has Landed

The Higgins Boat will be on display to the public for the first time starting this Saturday, June 10th. Stop by to check it out and climb inside!

Land Craft, Vehicle, Personnel (LCVP) or “Higgins boats” were developed by Louisiana boat builder Andrew Jackson Higgins.  New Orleans-based Higgins Industries created the shallow-bottomed boats to help hunters, oil-drillers, and loggers navigate swamps and marshes.  Others speculate the boats may have often been used by “rum-runners” during Prohibition.
After struggling to sell to the military for years, Higgins finally caught the eye of US Marine Corps evaluators in 1938.  They wanted combat versions of the vessel for deploying troops and equipment from ship to shore.  Designated LCVPs, the shallow-draft landing craft needed just a few feet of water deposit combat equipment and men at an invasion beachhead.
LCVPs participated in every major amphibious landing operation in Europe and the Pacific, including the Normandy Invasion.  This small boat changed the course of the war.  Dwight D. Eisenhower commented years later, “If Higgins had not designed and built those LCVPs, we never could have landed over an open beach.  The whole strategy would have been different.”

Happening This Saturday

On June 6, 1944, Allied forces crossed the English Channel and landed on the beaches of Normandy, France to liberate Western Europe from the occupation of Nazi Germany. The invasion was one of the largest amphibious assaults in history.

Join us on Saturday, June 10th at the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum to remember the past and celebrate the future. This event is to honor and pay respect to the WWII survivors, our veterans, active duty military and their families. Hear informative speakers tell their stories, see the unveiling of FHCAMs newest artifacts, and take part in educational activities for the entire family.

Operating: P51 and Sherman Tank

FHCAM Movie Theater: Battle of the Bulge


Event Schedule:

10:00 AM- Doors Open- Displays and kids crafts open

11:30AM-  Welcome
                  Moment of Remembrance
                  Color Guard by Naval Station Everett Division of the US Naval Sea Cadets
                  National Anthem
                  P-51 Flyover
                  Sherman Tank Demo

12:00 PM-  Guest Speakers: Tom Rudisill previous flag owner son and Erik Flint on the historical
                    impact of D-Day

01:00 PM- Erik Flint Full Talk

02:00 PM- Event Ends

05:00 PM- Museum Closes

Artifacts being Unveiled: D-Day Flag, Higgins Boat, and Jeep

We look forward to seeing you at this commemorative event!

Pacific Theater Day

The Pacific Ocean Theater, during World War II, was a major theater of the war between the Allies and Japan. It was defined by the Allied powers' Pacific Ocean Area command, which included most of the Pacific Ocean and its islands.

Join us for a fun and exciting day of flying and vehicle demonstrations from the war machines that operated during this historic time. Bring the entire family for a history lesson come to life!

Vehicles Operating: Sherman, M3A1, 17lb, Jeep
Aircraft: Zero, F6F, P-40, B-25, FG-1D
Movie in FHCAM Theater: Moana


Event Schedule
10AM Doors Open
11AM Vehicle Show
12PM Education Lecture...
1PM Flying Demonstration
3PM Event Ends
5PM Museum Closes

FHCAM SkyFair 2017

Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum's Biggest Air & Ground Show Event of the year! Come See Vintage Aircraft Take to the Skies and Tanks Cruise the Grounds!

Aircraft: Storch, B-25, F6F, FG-1D, Mosquito, Bearcat, L4, OH-6, UH-1, Mig (Static), Super Corsair (Static), A7 Cockpit (Static)
Vehicles: M60, Flak 88, Kubelwagen, M3A1, Jeep, M4A1, German 88, 1/2 Track, Longtom (Static)

Color Guard & National Anthem: Everett Public School

Food Vendors: Here and There Grill, Express Rolling Grill, Vet Chef, Tacos Monte Alban, Big Dogs, Buns on Wheels, 314 Pie, Kettle Corn by Sturgis Sweets, Street Donuts, Scotsman Bistro Coffee, Fairy Floss Cotton Candy

Activities: Boffer Swords, Bouncy Houses, Sonic Squirrels (robot...ics team), Face Painter, Pacific Science Center (Volts & Jolts & Engineering Hands on Exhibit), Craft Tables, Educational Lecture, Military Re-enactors, Living Computer Museum Booth, MoPOP Booth, Live Band, and more!

Free parking and shuttle service will be available at:
9819 Airport Rd. Everett Bomarc Building- Follow Tankfest NW signage

ADA parking available at the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum- 3407 109th St SW in Everett


Child ages 5 and under- Free
Youth ages 6-17- $7
Veterans/Active Military - Free
Adults ages 18+- $15
Family Pass* - $40
*Family Pass includes 2 adults, 4 youth same household

Child ages 5 and under- Free
Youth ages 6-17 - $10
Veterans/Active Military - Free
Adults ages 18+ - $20
Family Pass* - $50
*Family Pass includes 2 adults, 4 youth same household

Saturday, July 22nd Doors open at 10 AM!
Buy discounted presale tickets today at: http://skyfair.brownpapertickets.com/

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