AM General M936A2 Wrecker
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Moving massive, armorer tanks is a little different than moving a plane with big, air-filled tires.  Our aircraft tugs were straining to budge machines like the 44-ton M55 Howitzer.  In order to manipulate armored vehicles, the Flying Heritage and Combat Armor Museum has taken possession of a M936A2 Wrecker. 

The 11-ton machine is nearly an artifact it its own right—a former military AM General 6x6 heavy diesel truck built with a hydraulic boom and winches for pushing, pulling, and lifting.  The first of their kind were built in 1982.  Other version of the type were used as cargo trucks, flatbeds, tractors, dump trucks, and vans.

General Statistics
Manufacturer: AM General
Produced: 1982-Present
Weight: 22,750 lbs.
Width: 8 ft 2 in
Height: 9 ft 7 in
Transmission: 5 Speed Automatic
Operational Range: 350 miles
Speed: 63 mph