Panzerkampfwagen IV Ausf. H

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The German Army fielded versions of the Panzer Mark IV throughout the nearly 6 years of World War II.
The Mark IV was initially an “escort tank,” designed to suppress opposing anti-tank and infantry support artillery.  It was developed from a specification given in early 1935, and production at Friedrich Krupp AG began in 1937.  The “H” version, or Ausf├╝ehrung H, was second only to the “J” in total production with some 2,320 units produced between April 1943 and July 1944.  Krupp, Vomag, and Nibelungenwerke manufactured the Mark IV Ausf. H.
Succeeding versions of the Mark IV were fitted with additional and improved armor, as well as an upgunned main armament to take on enemy tanks.  The Mark IV Ausf. H was armed with the 75 mm Kw.K. 40 L/48 gun, which was more than a match for the Soviet T-34’s 76.2 mm gun.  Lacking more up-to-date sloped armor, the Mark IV Ausf. H was often fitted with turret and side skirts to enhance protection against the latest armor piercing rounds.

History of the Artifact
This Mark IV, chassis number 89457, is thought to have been built in early 1944 at Nibelungenwerke.  It ended up in Syria in the 1950s having probably passed through Czechoslovakia.  The Israelis captured it in 1967 during the Six-Day War and used it for training purposes before exhibiting it in the Armored Corps museum at Latrun in 1994.  This tank came to the Littlefield Collection in 2003 and was acquired by the FHCAM in 2014.

Did you know?
The Mark IV was produced in other, non-tank variants including a bridging vehicle.
Date Artifact Appeared on Display: 5/26/2018
General Statistics

Crew:  5

Width:  9 ft 5.39 in

Length:  23 ft 0.38 in

Height:  8 ft 9.52 in

Weight:  27.6 tons

Engine:  1 x Maybach HL 120 TRM water-cooled, 12-cylinder gas engine

Engine power:  300 hp


Maximum speed:  23 mph

Range, Road:  117 miles

75 mm Kw.K. 40 L/48 gun with 87 rounds onboard; 1 x MG 34 7.92 mm machine gun in the bow and 1 x MG 34 7.92 mm machine gun mounted coaxially with the main gun (3,000 rounds onboard); capable of mounting 1 x MG 34 or 42 machine gun on the commander’s cupola.