Volunteer FAQs

Who owns the museum?  

The museum is owned by the nonprofit Wartime History Museum. 

Will the museum fly planes/drive tanks?  

Most aircraft and vehicles are in operable condition. Visitors can regularly view maintenance work in progress with possible limited operations. 

Will there be community or educational events? 

FHCAM will not initially have events as it focuses on exhibits and artifacts.  

What roles are available for volunteers? Will volunteers only lead tours? 

At this time, FHCAM will only be accepting volunteers as docents. 

Do volunteers receive any discounts or free admission? 

Volunteers receive free admission and 15% off purchases in the gift store. 

Is there an expectation of how many hours a volunteers must work?  

Volunteers must work at least 36 hours a year to maintain their volunteer status (3 hours per month). 

Is there volunteer training? 

Yes! All volunteers will receive orientation and training. 

Is there a dress code or uniform for volunteers? 

Volunteers will adhere to a professional dress code and tour guides will be provided with a vest or lanyard for ease of recognition by guests.  

Do volunteers need any prior experience? 

No! We are happy to train and educate people of all levels of experience. 

Is there a volunteer application process? 

The application process includes volunteer screening and a background check. 

Does the museum make accommodations for volunteers with disabilities? 

We value all volunteers with disabilities and from all backgrounds and do our best to accomodate needs.

Are there age limits for volunteers? 

Volunteering opportunities are open to all over 18.