Welcome to the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum (FHCAM). In 2008 the collection moved from its home in Arlington, WA to its current location on Paine Field in Everett where it now houses the priceless treasures you see before you. 

The aircraft, vehicles and artifacts in the FHCAM are a testament to the era’s engineering skill and humanity’s spirit during the world conflicts of the 20th century. On rotation in our working hangar are military artifacts from the United States, Britain, Germany, Soviet Union and Japan, acquired and restored with unparalleled authenticity to share with the public.

FHCAM is committed to proving complete authenticity in all its artifacts. This includes all aspects of the mechanical systems and all paint schemes and markings. FHCAM strives to make the operations and appearance as original as possible to the time when the aircraft, tank or other machine was first utilized.

FHCAM is a 501(c)(3) organization committed to educating its guests about these rare historic aircraft and artifacts.

FHCAM is a truly unique experience. With 26 aircraft and over 25 vehicles to dazzle guests, there is plenty to see within the nearly 75,000 sq. ft. of expansive exhibit space. If interested, docents are available to to walk you through the hangars and explain each artifact and the role it played in history.  As you tour through, don’t forget to stop by FHCAM’s newest exhibit Her Stroy: Women's Roles in WWII. The Causes of Conflict. This one of a kind exhibit explores the reasons countries go to war and puts context behind the war machines living in our museum. Explore this highly interactive room built to tell the stories of the people and technology from world wars.

FHCAM Collection