Education at Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum
Everyone can appreciate the amazing aircraft, armor and artifacts of the Flying Heritage & Combat Armor Museum, but some visitors want to learn more. FHCAM’s Education programming provides a diverse array of opportunities to deepen your, or your child’s, knowledge and have some fun at the same time.


Educational Tours – Whether you are a teacher looking for a great way to add to your WWII curriculum, a scouting group searching for a unique outing, or anything in between, FHCAM provides a fantastic venue for learning. You and your group will be toured around our two massive hangars brimming with artifacts by knowledgeable docents that adjust their tours to any grade level and love questions. We are happy to work with teachers on how best to utilize our space and facility for enlightening and interactive experiences. These tours are available during standard FHCAM operating hours. Large (30+ person) groups should provide at least one month notice to insure the best experience.

Summer Camps – If your child wants an alternative to the standard summer camp FHCAM offers two options you won’t find anywhere else. Aviation Alive! has campers learn all about FHCAM’s fantastic collection of WWII aircraft, experience flight simulators, get a behind the scenes peak at our maintenance facilities, and hear from some of the pilots that fly our aircraft. Tanks! Beasts of the Battlefield provides campers with an opportunity to get up close and personal with our armor collection – hear from the mechanics that keep our beasts running, learn and implement tank tactics in World of Tanks, and feel the boom of a special summer camp tank demonstration. FHCAM Summer Camps are geared towards 11 to 14 year olds, and are held Monday through Thursday 9AM to 3 PM. Dates and additional content details are released by the end of February each year.


Winter Series – Do you find yourself correcting the History Channel on a regular basis? Then the Winter Series is where you need to come to get the latest and greatest expert information and have your burning questions answered. The Winter Series provides detailed lectures by experts and/or enriching experiences with FHCAM’s artifacts. We always provide time for questions, so get the information you need. The Winter Series is held the second Thursday of the month October through May, doors open at 6:30 pm and presentations start promptly at 7 pm. Tickets are $20 for general admissions and $15 for Members/Volunteers. Contact FHCAM’s Greeter Desk at 877 342 3404 to purchase tickets.

Warbirds 101 – – We know you want to climb all over FHCAM’s artifacts, to look in every nook and cranny, and Warbirds 101 is your chance. This semi-annual short course is our most premium educational experience and allows ten lucky participants to work alongside our Maintenance staff to learn about the various system of our WWII aircraft – our Warbirds. Over four 3-hour courses FHCAM staff take you through how to preflight an aircraft, fold a F6F Hellcat wing, check the timing of classic engine, and experience a night run-up of one of our aircraft. Warbirds 101 is held during the Fall and Winter based on Maintenance staff availability, the best way to guarantee you get a chance to join is to sign up for our mailing list. Space is limited and is available on a first come first served basis.


Winter Wargames - Tanks are amazing, but even more amazing when you are behind the wheel and knocking out your friend’s armor. Winter Wargames gives you that chance. Winter Wargames is a World of Tanks gaming league, in partnership with the PACNW World of Tanks community clan, and gives players the ability to use FHCAM’s eight large screen TVs and unlocked accounts to roll out with hundreds of tanks, team up with friends and dominate. It features both open play as well as structured tournaments with prize support. All skill levels are welcome and encouraged. Winter Wargames is held the second Saturday of the month October through May from 2 – 7 pm. A Gaming Club Membership is available for the league and can be purchased through the FHCAM Greeter Desk (877 342 3404).

Fly Days – Everyone loves to see our aircraft take flight once again and now we have more options than ever for you to have a fun filled day at FHCAM. Before the aircraft take flight we have educational speakers that can give you insight into military history and answer your questions. While our planes are aloft FHCAM staff provide running commentary about the history, technology and personal stories of our aircraft and artifacts. Once you’ve gotten some lunch from visiting food trucks be sure to check out our Fly Day gaming station that provide flight or tank simulators that put you in the driver’s seat. FHCAM’s Fly Days are various Saturdays throughout the summer from 10 AM to 3 PM and the Fly Day schedule is released by the end of February each year.

For Additional Information:
If you have any questions about FHCAM’s educational programming, would like to schedule a tour, or provide feedback please contact Justin Spielmann, FHCAM Education Coordinator, via email –